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Working as a researcher in an industry setting is a unique experience with many benefits. Access to seawater, powertools, carpentry tools, etc. are all within an arms reach! Although treatment v. control replication and avoidance of potential confounds are not at the forefront for production incentives, Jamestown Point Whitney Shellfish Hatchery has welcomed all of our tinkering and trial and error to integrate experimental design in their space - no matter how gaudy or outlandish.

*There’s nothing a pvc, glue, and a well-positioned drill can not do…

  • How do you measure metabolic rate of the world’s largest burrowing bivalve? Nothing pvc, tupperware, and cable glands can’t fix
  • What about large juveniles?
  • How to take advantage of the negative bouyancy of geoduck embryos?
  • Using minimal space for maximum “setter” replication